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When preparing your house for a sale there are plenty of tips and tricks to enhance the various rooms and ensure your property gives the best account of itself that it can. From clearing away as much clutter as possible so the potential buyers can project their own ideas onto the place, to even borrowing some extra high quality furniture from a friend or family member to give the place a little extra plumage in time for the viewing. However, there are some small details that often get overlooked, and we’ll be focusing on them in this blog.

Living in a home every day means we get used to it, and that means we often don’t notice certain areas where dirt and grime has built up. But a prospective buyer coming into the place for the first time will certainly notice, so let’s talk about some of those areas where it’s easy to overlook the fact that they need a good scrub.

Doors and Door Frames

The handles of doors, either for rooms or on cupboards, gather plenty of grime over the course of time from being handled every day. It’s easy to miss exactly how grubby they can get. So get a duster and wipe away the dust before using a soft rag and warm soapy water to wash away the built up grime. Often when you first do this, it makes the dirt a lot more noticeable as you create a new clean space right next to where all the other dirt you don’t normally notice is, hence why it suddenly stands out. The interior doors are obviously important, but do make sure to do this for all the cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen as well.

Skirting Boards

This is another easy one to get used to and thus never notice exactly how much dirt has built up over time. Getting down on your hands and knees to give the skirting boards a good scrub can make your home appear much brighter straight away. Usually, you just need to dust first, then use warm soapy water with a soft rag to wipe away what could be weeks, months or even years of built-up grime! However, there are multiple ways to clean skirting boards.

Light Fixtures

Dusting off the light fixtures is another good place to start. You may want to take down any shades or decorative fitting so you can shake out all the fly and moth carcasses that may have gathered there. Cleaning the light fixtures will also allow more of the light to shine out into the rooms, thus making them appear brighter and larger.

Those are the main three areas you want to look at, though don’t forget to give any blinds a good wipe down too, both on the front and the back. Check the strings to see if they could do with sprucing up as well, as they tend to like collecting dirt (especially around the areas they get handled the most). If you have a ceiling fan then use an old pillow case to envelope each blade and thus gather the dust inside of the pillow case.

Once these often neglected areas have been given a good scrub, your home will feel brighter and cleaner and not just to you, but to the potential buyers coming round for a viewing.

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