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A new study has revealed a variety of financial benefits gained from adding an extra bathroom to a property, depending on the type of property and the area it is located in. It is believed that on average, an extra bathroom can add as much as £12,000 to the value of a standard three-bedroom house.

The researchers did point out that the best two options for increasing property value were installing a new kitchen or adding an extra bedroom. However, many properties do not have the space to add a bedroom, plus new kitchens can be a lot more expensive than an extra bathroom.

Two Bathrooms for Every Three Bedrooms

The research was conducted by Direct Line Home Insurance, who surveyed estate agents all over the UK to get an insider’s opinion on how much extra value an additional bathroom can add to the various types of properties available.

The estate agents surveyed believed that extra bathrooms definitely help sell a house, with 70% of them agreeing that a three-bedroom property should have two bathrooms. Indeed, it is widely believed that there should be two bathrooms for every three bedrooms, so a six-bedroom property would ideally require four separate bathrooms.

That percentage jumped to a massive 95% when the survey asked whether four or five bedroom houses should have more than one bathroom. In fact, even 43% of those estate agents questioned believed that five bedroom properties should have a minimum of three bathrooms.

Even an extra shower room was deemed to add significant value to a house and helped to make it a more attractive proposition, should a whole new bathroom be beyond the budget.

Extra Bathrooms Add Value to Properties

The research by Direct Line Home Insurance calculated the value of an extra bathroom at £12,000 for a three bedroom house. That is accounted for by the estate agents believing that the extra bathroom would increase the value of a three-bedroom property by an average of 6.8%. For four bedroom houses, the estate agents believed that an extra bathroom would add 6.2%, which amounts to an increase of £17,000.

Obviously, these figures are rounded-up estimates and do not take the individual circumstances of an individual property into account, but there’s no denying the potential value of an additional bathroom.

The Head of Household Products at Direct Line is Rebecca Clapham, and she explained that while it is still preferable to install a brand-new kitchen or add an extra bedroom to increase the value of a property, an extra bathroom might be the best option for many people. Ms Clapham said, “As a new bathroom can add around £12,000 to the value of a home, which compared to the cost of fitting one, is a significant return and may be a good option for people wishing to improve their home but without the space to add an extra bedroom or improve their kitchen.”

It seems adding an extra bathroom could be a particularly rewarding investment for homeowners who are intending to sell-up within the next couple of years.

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